In the heart of 2018, the journey of Curly Sisters, India, began, weaving a tale spun by two dynamic and passionate curly-haired sisters. One, a devotee of self-love through skincare and haircare, stumbled upon a vibrant community of fellow curl enthusiasts on social media. Intrigued, she introduced her other equally curly sister to the enchanting world of the “Curly Girl Method.”

The latter, a seasoned Fashion Designer by profession, found herself succumbing to the whims of her curly sibling’s request for a custom-made “Satin Bonnet.” This marked the genesis of our venture into crafting personalized satin accessories. As satisfied clients emerged, propelled by recommendations on social media, we recognized the potential to transform our humble home-based enterprise into something more significant.

Amidst the challenges of a global pandemic in 2020, we courageously launched our online store. Surprisingly, our business flourished exponentially during the lockdown, a testament to the genuine connection we share with our customers. Their unwavering support propels us forward, and we acknowledge that there’s still a remarkable journey ahead.


Meet the Curly Sisters Team:

Curly Sisters, India, is not just a brand; it’s a women-led, home-run business that adheres to industry best practices in quality, service, and delivery. The brilliant minds steering this venture are Vishakha and Vandana, both visionary siblings.

Vishakha, a seasoned Fashion Designer with over 19 years of expertise in the apparel export industry, spearheads the entire business. She efficiently manages product development, mass production, marketing, and sales, ensuring every aspect is curated to perfection.

Vandana, the creative force behind the idea of the satin bonnet, plays a pivotal role in conceptualizing several products available in our store. Her insightful contributions to product development, branding, packaging, and social media management have been instrumental in catapulting our sales tenfold.


Client Feedback – Our North Star:

Heartfelt gratitude to our clients, whose candid feedback paved the path to our current standing. Their opinions, comments, and suggestions are the keystones upon which we continually refine our products and services. Customer satisfaction is not just a tagline for us; it’s our distinguishing factor. We relentlessly strive to make quality, pocket-friendly hair care products accessible to all. Our products are designed to cater to all age groups, including kids. It’s a line for everyone who cherishes and nurtures their locks.


Our Commitment – Quality, Affordability, Prompt Delivery:

At Curly Sisters, India, we are unwaveringly committed to delivering the best quality at the most reasonable rates, ensuring the quickest delivery timelines. Your journey to the Happy Curly Girl Method (CGM) begins with us. Here’s to countless great hair days ahead!


Empowering Lives – Our Pandemic Story:

During the pandemic, we welcomed women workers into our fold, contributing to our growth post-lockdown. Curly Sisters, India, proudly became a source of income for individuals in challenging times. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who stood by us, providing sincere services and contributing to the success of our small, home-run business.

Although we began our journey as a Curly Hair Accessories brand, we have moved towards becoming a more fashion driven brand. Coming from the Fashion industry, this was the most obvious next step for us. We have moved on to a more trendy, stylish collection of fashion accessories like bows, clips, scrunchies and we continue to bring more to the table for our customers. At the same time, demand for out Satin bonnets is ever increasing as clients find these "value-for money"!

As we continue to reach for new heights, we acknowledge the collaborative efforts of our team. Success, to us, is not an individual achievement but a collective dream realized through teamwork.